The housing market in Bristol for first-time buyers looks as competitive as ever. The main way you can improve your chances of getting the first property of your dreams is to save a large deposit. The bigger the deposit, the better the mortgage deal and the more affordable it becomes. Take a look at our tips for making the deposit saving easier and more successful.

It’s Never Too Early

Even if you do not think you will be able to buy a house for many years, start the saving right now. Starting to save early will allow you to build up your savings over time, making it more likely you will stick to an affordable savings plan. It is never too early to start.

Choose the Right Savings Account

There are many saving accounts options available in the market it is important you chose the right account for you. Speak with a financial advisor bristol who can provide further information about this.

Save Wisely and Affordably

You are much more likely to make saving a long term habit when you save within your means. Making small changes to your lifestyle will allow you to save more. Some of the changes you can make are:

  • Taking in your own lunch to work
  • Cooking at home rather than getting a takeaway
  • Spending less on clothes
  • Spending less on gadgets
  • Making your own coffee, rather than takeaway

Making small changes now will help you achieve the home of your dreams

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