It would not be wrong to suggest that bitcoin did not gain much popularity before the year 2009, especially in the business arena. However, it was later in 2011-12 when bitcoin started gaining popularity with the people. It would be pertinent to mention here that bitcoin gained huge popularity and had exponential growth in its value. Consequently, several investors and venture capital firms across the globe started laying emphasis on usage of this unique crypto-currency.

Rising popularity of bitcoin in business arena

In the initial half of year 2014, several venture capital firms started with investing some a significant amount in bitcoin for the first quarter. Later in the same year, the venture firms were seen making a huge investment in the second quarter. It was a huge investment made by venture capital firms in bitcoin as compared to the past years. It was totally opposite to the previous years where bitcoin firms gathered a relatively meagre amount.

Bitcoins in the Business Arena

What do you understand by bitcoin?

Bitcoin could be best described as decentralized, friend-to-friend, digital currency system. It has been specifically designed to provide several online users with the ability to process digital transactions known as bitcoins. It is also known as virtual currency to some extent. The system was created in 2009. The undisclosed programmer ensured that bitcoin gathered wide attention along with hypes as an alternative to Euros, the US dollar and various commodity currencies inclusive of silver and gold.

Investment in bitcoin

Various statistics in the past has revealed that bitcoin has been worth every investment made. However, you might wonder how to purchase bitcoins. Let us delve further on how to purchase bitcoins.

Most common and most convenient of methods for investing in bitcoin would be to purchase bitcoins. A number of established firms, mostly in the US and other nations involved in the process of selling and buying bitcoins would be your best bet. These have been called as BTC.

one bitcoin on blue background

Buying bitcoins using credit card

The most common and convenient mode for purchasing bitcoins would be through the usage of debit cards or credit cards. You could use either credit or debit card to buy bitcoins from Indacoin. The website offers you with 50USD or less of bitcoin currency instantly. It would not take more than ten minutes for transaction to take place from your local account to your trading account. However, with passage of time, when you prove to be a reliable customer, the limits would be raised to 200USD in four days and subsequently to 500USD in seven days time.

You could also avail bitcoins from Coinbase in UK, US and Europe. You could buy bitcoins from Coinhouse and BitQuick if located in Europe. However, people all over the world can buy bitcoins from Coinmama. Nonetheless, you should be aware that purchasing bitcoins using credit or debit cards would charge higher fees. The reason would be higher transaction fee, processing fee and greater risk of fraud involved. For people looking to buy huge amount of bitcoins should find bitcoin exchange, exchanging local currency to bitcoin currency, transferring bitcoins to your e-wallet and acquiring bitcoin credit card.

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