Some car insurance claims can be very straight forward while others are a bit more complex depending on your insurance company and the type of insurance cover you decide to go with. When searching for the right car insurance option you need to determine, which one will work for your situation. Each person’s insurance needs may vary based on the risks they are exposed to, however, some car coverage are mandatory. Here are five State Farm car insurance options you may have:

Personal Injury Protection or Medical Coverage Claims

It is essential for every motorist to have a personal injury protection in their car insurance policy because accidents are inevitable. The medical cost associated with accidents can cause a financial toll on you depending on the degree of bodily damage done by the accident. With this kind of insurance coverage, you are guaranteed that in the event you come across such a situation, your medical bills together with those of your passengers will be paid regardless of who is at fault.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists Protection

All state laws mandate that drivers should be insured, however, this is rarely the case. At times, you may find that some motorists are not insured at all, or their insurance coverage does not meet the minimum set amount. This type of coverage helps cover the extra cost of damage that the other person’s insurance won’t cover. It is wise to add this to your car insurance policy considering the amount of protection it offers.

Liability Insurance

Liability coverage will cover you if it is determined that your actions were the cause of the accident. The cost of repairing the vehicle and medical bills for injuries as a result of the accident are covered by this policy. Having that extra protection, especially when you know you’re the one at fault is good because you can pay for damages even if they exceed your normal cover limits. Including liability coverage in your State Firm car insurance may be a wise decision you make because it offers you protection in the event you’re involved in an accident.

Comprehensive Coverage

This type of cover comes in handy when your car is damaged by something not related to a covered accident. For example, when you hit a deer or when your vehicle is stolen. It is great to have this coverage if it fits your budget, however, it can be costly and at times unnecessary.

Collision Coverage

Having collision coverage ensures that in the event of an accident, the repairs of the damaged car are paid for. If the cost of repair exceeds the value of your car in an accident, this type of cover will pay the value of the car which is a good option for someone with a relatively new and expensive car,but it makes it an unreasonable option for people with older cars.

Insurance policies can be tricky to understand but the more you are covered the better. When looking for State Farm car insurance, know what type of cover you need and if it applies to your car insurance needs. Also, consider your state requirements and how you can save money while at the same time having sufficient protection.