Clenbuterol is a potent stimulant that increases the rate of metabolism and burns fat fast. It is identified by different names, such as Dilaterol, Ventipulmin andSpiropent, although people prefer the name “Clen”. This medicine was originally developed during 1970’s as a veterinary drug for treating respiratory conditions of horses and other animals. It performs as a bronchodilator that relaxes the muscles around airways for making breathing easier. For a brief period, this drug was also advertised as a nasal decongestant as well as asthma medication for humans. Its usage as a respiratory medication is still prevalent in some nations.

The liquid form has more effectiveness

For decades, this medication is used by fitness professionals for improved performance and enhanced physique. This powerful beta2 stimulator comes both in tablet form and liquid form. Plentiful people opt to experience with liquid Clenbuterol as this form has manifold abilities to burn fat. The syrup form, like its matching part 20mcg tablets, helps the user lose fat rapidly when it is used correctly. Both the forms are produced from the same substance, Clenbuterol Hydrochloride. Additionally, the liquid form is purer compared to the tablet form as the liquid form comes closer to the natural state of this medicine.

The process of taking liquid form

The liquid form of this medicine can either be taken alone or mixed with a drink to cover its chemical taste. Quite a few formulations have an unpleasant taste so many people prefer to mix it with beverages in order to avoid an impulsive reaction. Again, some formulations are meant to be taken subcutaneously. Do not ever consume these orally as they can upset your stomach to a great extent. Sometimes a user could be prone to a bad reaction to this medicine, in this condition injecting would be severely dangerous. Very few experienced users under strict medical supervision can inject the liquid form of this drug.

It is also not advised to use this drug intravenously without a proper medical supervision, especially when you are a beginner. The drugs when taken intravenously bypass every natural defense of your body, like liver and stomach lining and headway straight to the central nervous system along with other important tissues of your body. It is very important to measure your doses with excessive care. This medicine is effective even in little doses and gets measured in micrograms (mcg). When you take the pill form you have already got it measured. So the doses in the liquid form must be measured carefully.

How you should take your dose

People who experience with liquid Clenbuterol find this form quite handy and many bottles are found armed with 1ml droppers to measure your dose. Do not use any other dosing tool except the tool that you have got with the package. High dosage of this drug is not advised at any cost so you may opt to split it into half and take it two times a day. Suppose, you want to take 100mcg daily, then you would take 50mcg in the daytime and another 50mcg duringthe afternoon. To avert difficultyin sleeping do remember to take your latter dosage before 4pm.