If you are low on money and you need a major purchase like new furniture, or even electronics where can you go for help? What if you are a business that needs financial assistance, where do you go? There’s a new player in town called Crest Financial that might just be your cup of tea.

When the financial markets crashed in 2008 it took almost everybody by surprise. And the damage that was done was enormous. Banks failed and credit dried up for just about everybody, including small business owners. Unfortunately, while things have improved some they are still not back to normal. Loans are still hard to get and if you need something like new furniture unless you have the cash, buying on credit is your only option and it is still extremely difficult. There are of course other businesses that cater to this financially strapped segment of the population but the terms and conditions and the prices they charge are completely outrageous. But there is a new business that will help you. The Business is Crest Financial and it was formed by a concerned group of individuals who saw a need for a company that not only catered to individuals and small businesses with less than perfect credit but also provided the services those people needed at reasonable prices.

Crest has become an industry leader in the “No Credit Needed” financing business. They people who formed this company filled a consumer need by offering very affordable pricing for large purchases to not only low-income individuals but also to small business owners who would not be able to afford the purchase otherwise. Crest is able to do this because they work directly with retailers who set their own prices while Crest provides the customer with affordable financing. Crest’s customers are encouraged to shop around and find the best deal but if they decide on using Crest to purchase the product they want it will finance the final amount of the purchase with no credit check needed by the purchaser and with low fees.

Crest was co-founded by Bob Millerberg CEO and Robert Coombs. Under the leadership of Bob Millerberg, Crest has evolved into America’s leading consumer leasing company. It was also the first of several successful companies he built in the lending, leasing and financing sectors. Clint Cowley is the last of Crest’s co-founders and he is primarily responsible for finding the right people for the team that now runs Crest. Along with his skills in training and motivating Crest’s employees, he has a broad base of experience in management and business operations. Jim Marsh is Crest’s Chief Operating Officer. He is highly experienced in ensuring Crest’s finances and strategy are aligned and in sync.