Car accidents are not only terrifying, but they also happen when you least expect it. You might never expect a car accident when it happens, and that is why you need to be prepared for one just in case. This doesn’t mean you should be paranoid about crashing into others on the road at all times; all it means is that you should know what to do when a car accident unfortunately happens.

So what should you do if you get into a car accident? There are several steps you can take to make sure you handle an accident safely when it does happen.

What to Do First

When you first get into an accident, you might feel stressed or overwhelmed. If it is a nasty accident, and you feel like you might be hurt, you should call an ambulance right away. Anyone who is injured should never exit the vehicle unless there is a risk of fire inside the vehicle.

If you’re not injured, a great first thing to do is to carefully step out of the car. You must be careful because you need to avoid oncoming traffic, which may or may not be paying attention to the side of the road. Exercise caution when walking on a street meant for cars. If there is another vehicle involved, it’s best to stand outside of yours until they get out of their car. Do not yell at them or become angry; accidents happen and it might not even be their fault.

Next, you should document any pain you might be feeling, and take pictures of your car and the other person’s car in order to document the exterior damage to the cars. Finally, you should swap information with the other driver and hold onto it for insurance purposes. If the damage is minor to both vehicles, you might be able to drive away right then. However, if your car is totalled you’ll need to get it towed away.


If you feel like you have a right to a personal injury claim because of an accident, the first thing you should do once you’re off the road is to contact a car accident claims attorney. Not sure where to find one? There are several offices you can call in the UK, but the best place to start is online, because there are more options.

To begin, the lawyer will look at your case. This is where all of your documentation will come in handy. Give the lawyer any information you have and tell the story. Lawyers are experts at finding ways in which you can make a personal injury claim to those responsible for your accident, if any.

The attorney will either tell you that you have a case and that you can move forward together and schedule a court date, or that it’s best to let the insurance company handle anything that wasn’t your fault. He or she will be very helpful either way, and it is worth your time to see an attorney just in case.