We continue to review the most interesting and useful services of the brokerage company Larson&Holz. And start with a review of the CFD service. For those who do not know what CFD is, and how this service can be useful to the company’s customers. CFD – the contract for the difference of rates. That is, a trader buys one or several contracts for any trading asset, in order to profit from the difference between the price of buying and selling. Specially for the client to be able to buy a contract of minimum volume, the company provides the missing amount, in the form of a leverage. In other words, the company gives the client the missing amount. What is the advantage of CFD. Contracts of this type apply to all types of financial markets. Even on the spot market. And as we know, the spot market makes it possible to buy and sell assets. The company has raised the level of leverage so that the client can buy contracts with volumes for which he simply does not have the money. Many argue that using a high leverage, the client is losing money faster. This is an incorrect assumption. Here everything depends on the trader. Using the rules of money management, a trader does not lose money because of high leverage. On the contrary, high leverage allows you to get a higher profit at the expense of leverage.

The next moment that interests the customers is the partnership program. It should be noted that the partner program is multi-level, in the sense that customers can become not only partners of the company, but also to open their own company. With its name, and charter. And that is typical with the support of the company LH-Crypto. Let’s consider the partner program in more detail. Despite the fact that the brokerage company LH-CRYPTO offers a standard level of registration of new customers, any of them can apply for the opening of a partner center or office. Naturally, for this, the client must undergo a verification procedure, and provide the necessary documents to the company’s experts. After this, the client is allocated a specialist who will begin the procedure for registering the partner company. This is a huge advantage, as not everyone knows where to start the design, and where, in fact, to handle this issue. A specialist of the company will tell the client what is required of him. And now one characteristic moment. After the opening of the partner center, the company Larson&Holz singles out an expert in the field of development. Thus, acting under the auspices of Larson&Holz, the partner center receives invaluable assistance. After all, the costs of the new company are paid in full by the main company. On the one hand, the new company already has the potential. On the other hand, the logic of the company LH-CRYPTO is easy to understand. This is a common investment practice. That is, the company makes an investment in the development of a new company through long-term investment. Since both companies are partners, all work is carried out under the auspices of Larson&Holz. So the benefit is mutual. One nuance. Before applying for the opening of a partner center, the client is recommended to be registered as a legal entity. At least, this will save time for yourself and the company’s expert.

The next service, which is one of the most popular, is a bonus system. It’s no secret that every customer is interested in getting bonuses. And the more of them, the better. The company Larson&Holz in this regard has tried. There is a feeling that bonuses can be obtained even for the movement of the cursor on the monitor. There are a lot of them. But there is one of the most interesting directions in the bonus system, which has become famous. This is an opportunity to put together the initial money for trade. In general, the company’s approach to this system is surprising. The fact is that by opening a no-deposit account, the customer receives 100 dollars from the company. And plus to this, he is allocated to trade for three days. His task is simple. Get the maximum profit. After all, all the profits are left to the client. The company just takes 100 dollars back. In three days, the client opens a new account. Again, it is allocated 100 dollars and three days for trade. You can open a new trading account three times, after which the opening function is disabled. But this period is enough to earn a good profit. And now we will consider which brokerage company can offer similar conditions. Until now, this type of bonus was not for anyone. This is an individual development of the marketing department of Larson&Holz. The next type of bonus, which by popularity follows the no deposit account, is the accrual of interest on the deposit. It would seem that a brokerage company can pay interest to clients. After all, this is the prerogative of the banking sector. It turns out that Larson&Holz really pays 10% per annum. But what is most interesting, interest is charged in dollars. But banks charge interest only in national currency. The difference is obvious. But there are some nuances that will interest potential investors. Equity for trading account should be more than $ 1,000. In this case, the system of compound interest is connected. What is a compound interest, and what is its advantage. A compound interest is nothing more than reinvestment. Let’s say the balance of a trading account is $ 100. 10% of 100 dollars, is equal to 10 dollars. If you take into account $ 1,000, 10% will be $ 100. This is the annual percentage that Larson&Holz pays to the customer directly to the trading account. From the calculation of equity, we get the following value. Equity – free funds on the trading account. That is, the funds that are not involved in the trade transaction. The next condition that LH-CRYPTO put forward is the daily opening and closing of at least one transaction. At the end of the month, the settlement department carries out the final capitalization, according to which the percentage of the client’s free funds is charged. Naturally, the more funds a client has, the more money he will receive as a reverse interest. Agree, a good alternative to the bank. But there is one more advantage. Many know that there are trading accounts on which no deals are opened. The balance of the trading account is positive, but orders are not opened. Maybe the trader is afraid to take the first step. Maybe other reasons do not allow him to open a warrant. But the fact is that a certain amount is withdrawn from this account. This amount is valid as part of the payment for servicing the trading account. But if you sometimes open orders, you can not only not pay for service, but get a guaranteed percentage of the company for this. Here, the customer receives two key benefits at a glance. But it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that LH-CRYPTO charges interest on the deposit only at the end of the month, after the trading account has been recalculated. After charging, the customer can withdraw funds to the payment system, or continue trading. This is his money, and he has the right to dispose of them at his own discretion.