Certain dogs and cats are considered healthier breeds than their counterparts. However, that does not mean you should neglect to pay for a healthier pet’s care via an insured plan. Cover options usually come in three main categories, and typically include accidental injury cover, accidental injury and illness cover or major medical insurance protection.

Pet Insurance Important

Examples of Plans

Usually accidental injury cover will reimburse 80% of the costs applied for vet treatment, less the amount of excess for each condition claimed. An accidental injury and illness cover also reimburses 80% for vet treatment. However, the reimbursement covers both accidental injury and illness minus the excess for each condition claimed. Major medical cover is designed for the pet owner who wants both accidental injury and illness cover plus routine protection.

Regardless of the plan you choose, you will find that the policy, unlike what some people believe, can be affordably maintained. You just need to sign up with the right insurer. Therefore, it is essential that you take a close look at each plan of protection that you survey.

Every Pet Needs to Be Insured

When you choose pet insurance, you should find a policy that is designed for the care of your pet for its entire life. Both chronic and hereditary conditions should be covered, including cancer, diabetes or hip dysplasia. Even if your pet is a breed that is considered to be resilient to such chronic illnesses as cancer or diabetes, you cannot go without the insurance. Every pet needs to be insured by pet cover. You also have to think of the possibility that it could get hit by a car or become the victim of an accident.

When choosing the cover, talk to you vet about your dog’s or cat’s general health and consider your pet’s temperament. Some pets are more accident-prone than others. Routine care is important too. From the plans already mentioned, most pet owners should choose major cover if they want to make sure they have insurance for routine vet visits, accidents and illnesses.

Dog and Cat Insurance Is Not Just for Sickly Pets

Don’t believe that dog and cat insurance is designed primarily for sickly pets. It is not. It covers healthy dogs and cats with the goal of providing them with optimum care should they get sick or become the victim of a mishap. Needless to say, the time to cover a pet is when it is healthy. Don’t wait until it gets sick or is involved in an accident.

Also, don’t be misguided by the notion that insurance for pets is a hassle. By using the right provider, you will better understand why the protection is considered essential in this day and age. Reimbursements for pet care are fast and typically can be handled in little as two weeks. Don’t believe that buying the protection is more hassle than it’s worth.

Not Just for Sickly Pets

 If your dog or cat ever gets injured or becomes ill, you will be happy that you signed up for the protection. You cover the members of your family with health insurance. Make sure this member of your family is safeguarded too. Look at your cover options today.