Many of you may need same day loans in order to meet some of your urgent needs. After all, such types of loans are quite easy to get and the money will come to your account within 24 hours’ time.

Another plus point of such loan is that even if you do not have a good credit rating, you will not be debarred from such loan, as long as you are in employment and getting regular pay every month.

However, you need to ask following few questions to your lenders and after getting satisfactory answer only you must apply for loan from the lender.

  • Are you a licensed lender?

Remember that all lenders available online may not be same and therefore it is important to ask this question and make sure that your lender must be a licensed one.

  • Where do you located?

It is important to know the location of your lender based on the state where he is located and the interest rate may be high or low.

  • What other business are you involved besides lending money?

Some of the lenders may be involved in some other business and lending can be an additional business. Prefer not to consider such lender.

  • Will I need a checking account?

Usually, your lender will demand post-dated check before offering loan and hence it will be necessary that you must have check account.

  • If I am employed very recently the can you offer loan?

You may get such loan even if you are employed last month.

  • When I have to pay back the loan?

Some lenders may demand total money at one go while few may approve if you pay on monthly instalment.

  • Is there any age restriction to apply for payday loan?

Such loan is offered only to an adult who has attained the age of 18 years.

  • Can I borrow if I am not citizen of this country?

It is not necessary to be an US citizen to apply for such loan as long you have your ID proof.

  • Will you check my credit score?

Usually, your credit score is not important for applying for such loans.

  • Will you keep all my personal details confidential?

This is often a danger with many unscrupulous lenders and therefore it will be better to clarify in advance.

  • How much maximum amount can I borrow?

Usually, no lender will be ready to offer more loan than your monthly pay.