If you have been wrongfully mis-sold PPI, then do not worry as you can easily file for the claim and get the refunds. After the recent court order, it has become much easier for the people to get the claim amount from the bank, provided you have the necessary documents. If you are struggling to know how to file for the claim or need any kind of advice, you can actually visit ppiclaimsandadvice.com and get the relevant information needed to file for the claim. Here are few basic ways how PPI was generally mis-sold. –

  • Most of the times, people were never told that PPI is being sold to them.
  • Many a times, it was sold to people who were not eligible to get the coverage of PPI.
  • Many times, the agents told the customers that buying PPI is mandatory in order to get the loan or mortgage approved.
  • It was told to the customers that buying PPI would increase the chances of loan approval.
  • Many a times, it was sold to the customers who were underage or overage to receive the benefits of PPI.
  • In some cases, the benefits and the terms/conditions of PPI were not properly and fully explained to the people buying PPI.

These are the few common ways how PPI was widely mis-sold to millions of people. In actuality, the agents and the bank representatives tried every which way possible to file for the claim. It was the main aim of the bank to sale PPI as much as possible because they were making huge profits from it, and the agents were getting huge commissions and incentives on the sale. This further encouraged the agents to sell PPI in any way they can, without thinking about the interest of the buyers.