EZTrader is among the first binary options trading platforms to be established on the market. It is an offshoot of a Cyprus investment firm called WMG services Ltd. As a pioneer trading platform, EZTrader has made a name in online trading. Since its launching in 2008, the platform has been providing secure trading and above-average payouts. Information is an incredibly valuable asset when trading binary options. Knowing what a broker is offering from trading options to security makes decision-making an easier process. This new EZTrader blog provides relevant information for traders.

The Platform

At the time of launching, white labelled trading platforms were not yet part of the binary options trading market; and therefore, EZTrader had to use proprietary software. When picking a binary options broker, the software is one of the vital components to consider. EZTrader’s is designed to provide simplicity, particularly for beginners. Using an online options broker for the first time is not easy, and it helps when everything is laid out clearly.

The large trading chart available on the platform makes it less taxing to monitor price movements. Execution of trades is swift, and the quotes are accurate. Traders don’t have to deal with a lot of distractions, which is always a problem with some trading software. When compared to newer software on the market, this platform cannot be called sophisticated, but it does provide unique features. One of that is the SellOption, a tool constructed to control trading risks better. The function of the tool is to allow traders to sell back their trades to the broker before they expire. Traders also have access to a trading signal generator called Ultimate4Trading.


Broker regulation is one aspect that makes one trading platform a better choice than another. EZTrader received their Cyprus CIF licence in 2013. With regulation oversight in multiple jurisdictions, the platform offers certain security advantages to traders. Traders have the assurance that the broker will stick to legal, financial conduct. The protection of funds is also a good guarantee.

Asset Index

EZTraderFCThe assets available for trading are the other reasons EZTrader remains a top choice for traders. There are 77 stocks, 22 indices, 4 commodities and 15 currency pairs that traders can pick from. They can also trade with their favourite football teams through EZTraderFC. The broker has partnered with top clubs such as AS Monaco FC, Tottenham Hotspur and VfL Wolfsburg.

EZTrader offers one of the most comprehensive educational centres in binary options. There are video courses, e-books and articles on a wide variety of subjects. Traders also have the chance to get one-on-one training. The monthly journal published by EZTrader provides news and articles on the latest in the trading market. Having access to such kind of information is helpful for traders who need to catch up. Customer support is paramount when trading binary options because a lot of questions or concerns may arise along the way. EZTrader provides that in the form of 24/7 live chat services. There are also toll-free support numbers for UK traders.


Trading on mobile has a lot of conveniences, especially for a trader who is always on the move. EZTrader has its platform on Google Play Store and iTunes, meaning traders can download it on their smartphones and tablets.