After hiring a surveyor to come over to check your place, you expect the results to be great. You want to sell your property soon so you need the report to be perfect. This is the document potential homebuyers will check, so it has to contain the right information.

Sadly, things might not go your way. The report might not present the results you expected to see. Worse, you might have received several comments that could hurt the chances of selling the property. After receiving the document, here are some things you need to do.

Speak to your surveyor directly

It is fine to ask questions to your building surveyor if you have one. Just be nice in your approach. Don’t argue with your surveyor, since he is just doing his job. You can ask for an explanation. You might be enlightened after hearing it. The surveyor might even be willing to go around the property again just to show you the problems that were spotted and justify their report.

There are also instances in which the problem is just flagged for further investigation or changes. This should not cause alarm. If the problem is fixed, the report could be easily changed.

Follow the advice

You might also be asked to call a builder or get a specialist to fix the problems mentioned. It is your decision if you hire one or not. Just remember that if changes are made, the report could easily improve. You can keep the receipts of all changes made so the next time you ask for a valuation report, you can use them as proof.

Get a second expert opinion

You might feel like the report is quite unfair and it did not really reflect the results you wanted to see. At this point, getting a second opinion could be an option. The new surveyor will further investigate the issues. They will help put things into perspective. Since they are experts on the specific problems mentioned, they will tell you if the report is accurate or not. They will make you feel better after checking the issues. You will also calm down and not just blame your surveyor for the results.

Understand the cost to fix the problem

The next best step after the homebuyers report is released is to fix any problems mentioned in it. You can compare prices for repairs by asking for quotations first. You will then have an idea if it is worth pursuing or not. If the cost is affordable and you think the return on investment is high, do it.

Don’t freak out if the report is bad. Just be reasonable and do what is right.