Over the years, consumers have found that they often need to purchase payment protection insurance on loans that they have in the event that something happens and they are unable to make payments as arranged. This has saved many, many families and individuals from losing their proverbial shirts in times when the economy was on a downward spiral.

The ‘funny’ thing is, with the state of healthcare in the United States, many consumers wish there was such a thing as payment protection insurance on their healthcare insurance because those premiums and deductibles just keep going up and up and up. There are times when it’s just impossible to keep up with the payments so what can you do in times like that?

Why Would Anyone Want PPI on Health Insurance?

Perhaps President Elect Donald J. Trump has the right idea. Maybe it’s time to repeal Obamacare and replace it with something that makes more sense and is really more affordable. Why would anyone want payment protection insurance, PPI, on health insurance? Perhaps they need it to keep them covered when those premiums get so high they can’t pay them.

While waiting for a new administration to be sworn in, workers are looking to keep the coverage they’ve already spent a small fortune on. It may be an attempt at humor but the sad fact is, if there was something like PPI for health insurance, there would be tens of millions of blue collar workers buying into it. That’s a fact.

The Affordable Care Act Isn’t So Affordable After All, Is It?

With sentiments like this running so strongly around the nation, it is almost a full-time job for healthcare management to keep patients from having a nervous breakdown in addition to the illness they are already experiencing. Strong healthcare leadership is the only thing that will get many of them through times like these when they realize that the ACA doesn’t make healthcare any more affordable than it once was.

As a matter of fact, some workers are paying almost 40% to 50% of their salary to purchase healthcare that was meant to be affordable while the indigent are still covered as they always were under Medicaid and the upper end of earners simply don’t need financial help.

Out with the Old and In with the New

So then, if Obamacare is going to be repealed, what will this mean to those consumers who have paid a policy under the old administration? Will they totally lose coverage when Trump takes office? This is a question high on everyone’s minds and the answer to that is perhaps easier to explain than how the ACA got so out of control. Just as the final exit of the UK from the EU will take some time after Brexit, so too will it take some time to repeal and exit the ACA, if at all.

Can it be fixed? Probably not, but there are some aspects that may stay and some which will be thrown out forever, never to surface again. In the interim, your version of PPI is to avoid unnecessary medical expenses and await the next installment of affordable care. As a nation, it is our hope that this time, care will truly be affordable.